We're Glad you're here.

We're Glad you're here.

We're Glad you're here.

About Us

About Our Company

We’re a full service hay and feed company that is driven to meet your needs. You’ll love our products and they’ll be sure to leave you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Working with us will give you the results you want. 

You can count on us to bring you the best hay possible. Applying our expertise, knowledgeable staff is in charge of supplying your animals with the precise care they need to thrive. Working with talented staff assures that the livestock you own will be provided for.

Our Vendors

Bear Knuckles Gloves
100X Equine
Cactus Ropes
Fastback Ropes
Top Hand Ropes
Renew Gold
Queens Bedding
Durvet products
Circle 5 Feed Products
Diamond Pet Foods
Valu-Pak Dog food
B-Free of Flies
Pyranha Fly Spray
Ultra shield Fly spray
Lame-A-Way products
Dennis Smith Tack

Services & Products

Hay Squeeze

Dedicating the knowledge used to provide for the animals, we use top of the line equipment to support them. Focusing on your project allows us to understand your needs and what you’re looking for in a farm.

Product Delivery

Assistance with your shipping requirements brings you the ability to feed your livestock properly. We’ll make sure to apply our expertise towards your delivery experience.

Horse Feed

Our food is healthy and nutritious for your sweet horses. They’ll be delighted to gobble up the food you’ll be giving them. Accessing rations provides you with the opportunity to feed your horses to fulfill their exact needs.

Cattle Feed

Your cattle will be in good hands with us. When you’re busy feeding them, you’ll notice them chewing away, without a doubt. Focusing on your cattle is our top priority.


We offer blue-ribbon sprouts to all of your animals. If you’re looking for wholesome eatables for the farm, you’ve come to the right place. Helping you find veggies for your farmstead is our specialty.

Hay/Grass Hay

Finding great greenery for your agricultural development has never been easier with us. Experienced professionals will assist you in taking your farmland to the next level. 
client feedback


Friendly & Helpful

Always love going there, everyone is always friendly & helpful. Had to order some feed & they were more than happy to accommodate me. Great selection of feeds & hay & have a great selection for all your livestock needs!

Jonelle West
Google Review

Honest & Hardworking

Always feel they are honest and hard working folks. Get the best for the customers.

Stacey FB
Google Review

Great Prices

Lived the man partying his January bill..."didn't they teach you that in cash register school?!" Great prices, worth the drive, great recommendation from a local, friendly knowledgeable helpful and fun staff!! Beatiful farm house Decor, who knew? And I can't wait to go back. Even let a weary traveler charge her phone while I waited for them to load 2k#s of hay!!!❤️Can't say enough good things!! Would be a fun place to spend the day, if only I want passing through!!I'll make that trip again!!!THANK YOU! And BIT n BALI ❤️ their new GORGEOUS blue halters!!!

Kit Mason
Google Review

Friendliest Staff Around

No doubt the friendliest staff around. I left my wallet at a friend's ranch in Ranger and needed the poly hay rings. They were able to accommodate me and get me back on my way. I really appreciate the hospitality folks!!!!

R Kern
Google Review

Good Prices

friendly folks;good prices

Gilberto Castaneda
Google Review

Prompt Uploading & Easy Delivery

Easy place to deliver. Prompt unloading and polite staff! Great Alfalfa for sale in small square bales.

Ryan Cottrell
Google Review

Met Exact Needs

Had exactly what I needed at good prices. Wheat & oat seed is very clean. A+ customer service from the young men there

Jennifer Rogers
Google Review

Good Local Folks

Good local folks that are pleasant to talk to if you're getting out of the truck and a drive-thru service if you dont want to get out of the truck.

Graham Slaughter
Google Review

Very Knowledgeable

Great people they were very knowledgeable , and well versed in farm & ranch.

Corey Jett
Google Review
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